California Roll

Manhattan Roll

Salmon Roll

Spicy Salmon Roll

Tuna Roll

Spicy Tuna Roll

Yellow Tail Roll

Garden Roll

Spicy Shrimp Roll

Eel & Avocado Roll

Eel & Cucumber Roll

Smoked Salmon & Avocado Roll

Salmon Skin Roll

Plum & Shiso Roll

Smoked Salmon Roll

Lunch Box    Served with salad or miso soup

Japan Special  $25

Columbus Box  $21

Saturday Special  $13.50


1. Choose Mini Sushi or Mini Chirashi

2. Choose Your Noodle

Shrimp Tempura Soba or Udon,  Sansai Soba or Udon,  Zaru Soba or Udon,  Kitsune Soba or Udon,  Kakiage Soba or Udon,  Ramen

** Only Mini Sushi  $10.50  or  Mini Chirashi $11.50 (Served with salad or miso soup)

GRILLED FISH LUNCH    Served with rice, two side dishes, and miso soup or salad

Salmon $13.50

Saba  $13.50

Sanma   $14

Served with salad or miso soup

Choice of any 2 rolls   $13

Chicken Teriyaki   $11.75

Grilled chicken served in teriyaki sauce.

Shrimp Cutlet  $11.75

Five tiger shrimp breaded with Japanese breadcrumbs and fried.  Served with tonkatsu sauce.

Pork Cutlet   $14.50

Two pork loin fillets breaded with Japanese breadcrumbs and fried. Served with tonkatsu sauce.

Shrimp & Vege Tempura   $14

Four tiger shrimp and an assortment of vegetables dipped in batter and lightly fried.  Served with tempura sauce.

Yaki Niku   $13.25

Sliced beef ribeye, scallions, and onions sautéed in teriyaki sauce.

Lunch Box B  $15.50

Cold Soba, Tempura, and Mini Chirashi

Choice of any 3 rolls   $16


Served with salad or miso soup and side dish

Sushi Plate
choice of 5 pcs of Nigiri

and 1 roll

Sashimi Bowl

choice of 6 pcs of Sashimi

Tempura & Sushi Box

choice of 4 pcs of Nigiri

and half roll

Nigiri/Sashimi Choice:


Albacore TunaBonitoEelEgg (Tamago)FlukeFresh SalmonMackerelOctopusShrimpSmoked SalmonSquidSurf Clam Sweet ShrimpTunaYellowtail 

Roll Choice:


Califonia RollTuna RollSalmon Roll 

Side Dish Choice:


Green SeaweedBlack SeaweedSquid Salad 

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